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"The Underground Comedy Movie" was the first movie to be banned by the Hollywood elites. It was produced in 1995 and released in 1999, with woke critics condemning it as the Worst Movie Ever made. Making fun of their ideology of Fashion in Supermodels taking a Dump, to Vince playing a black guy who kills a KKK member, Slash as the host of the Mrs America Bag Lady Pageant, and Joey Buttafuoco in the Godmother, made these critics head spin in agony. 

"Funny as hell" says Details Magazine, but we know the rest of the Hollywood Elites could not laugh at themselves, or their ideologies like. 

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"InAPPropriate Comedy" is Vince Offer's remake of his 90's skit movie THe Underground Comedy Movie. Both hard hitting skits that's too much for TV, with Ari Shafir as the Amazing Racist, Adrien Brody a gay cop in "Flirty Harry", and Rob Schneider and Michelle Rodriguez in the "Porno Review".

Definitely the only movie that can trigger every woke liberal pompous asshole in Hollywood who tried to bury it. 

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